T5 Transporters

20 Jun 2017
T5 Transporters
Today we've had a pair of Volkswagen T5 Transporters come in to the yard for breaking. It's unusual to see them in such good condition for breaking with the majority of parts in tact ... that said i don't think they will last us Transporter parts and accessories sell well so we don't think they'll be around for long. Get your requests in now!

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T5 Transporters

Two Volkswagen T5 Transporters come in to the yard to be broken for parts.

Celebrating 40 Years of Success

Pic-up Spares of Swansea was established in 1974 and celebrated 40 years of trading in September 2014. Initially a waste paper recycling company, it transformed into a car recycling company. Consistently achieving and exceeding the target of 95% ELV recycling year on year.

Cars Expo - Doncaster 2014

This week’s CARS-Expo proved a big draw in Doncaster (June 5th and 6th 2014). The event, which centers around end-of-life vehicle recycling, saw a warm welcome from the Deputy Mayor of Doncaster David Nevett who spoke of the need for good environmental practice and highlighted the work of Motorhog which hosts the event this year.