ELV Facility

Vehicle Depollution

Pic-Up Spares are installing specialist high volume depollution equipment to pre-treat vehicles received directly from local authorities, insurance companies, and the public. All vehicles will be checked at the reception point of the treatment facility prior to depollution. Any hazardous waste items will be removed and any fluid leaks will be safely contained. The vehicle's identity and ownership will be verified, allowing for a certificate of destruction to be issued via an electronic link with the DVLA in Swansea. Finally, the vehicle will be transferred to a covered depollution building for the safe and efficient removal of waste products for recycling.

Vehicle Recycling

ELV Recycling

Pic-Up Spares are leading the way within the automotive industry and have made a substantial investment in the latest vehicle processing equipment. After the depollution cycle, the vehicle enters our vehicle crusher and the compressed bails are then sent to steel mills for recycling.

TC-300 Wheel Crusher

All tyres are removed from their wheels using our TC-300 Wheel crusher allowing the recycling process to be completed more efficiently.

tc-300 wheel crusher

TC-55 Tyre and Radiator Cutter

The TC-55 Tyre Cutter is used to chop the surroundings from a vehicles radiator seperating the plastic from the alluminium, making it easier and quicker to recycle more of the vehicle.

tc-500 tyre cutter